Spanish Dog Rescue

The Idea

The idea of the Spanish Trip is a simple one: David and Tim (known affectionately as Thelma and Louise for reasons which will become apparent) drive to the Santa Clara Animal Sanctuary in Spain and deliver much needed provisions and supplies: blankets, dog coats, Euros, towels, first aid things – and make themselves useful while they are there.

It began with David and me (Victoria) discussing the hard work done by the volunteers at Santa Clara. I had had a letter from Margaret Wormington, one such volunteer, an English woman who lives with her husband Pete in a village called Ayna, in Albacette. Apart from Margaret, the volunteers are all Spanish.  Margaret is a friend of a friend, so I sent a donation at Christmas, which prompted her to write a moving, courageous letter. Somehow, David and I had the idea at the same moment: the thing to do is go over there personally and take some supplies.  Not by plane – drive there.  Ferry then car. Yes, October is the right time, ready for the next harsh winter – they do get harsh winters over there.

Pretty soon, I took on the job of being the organiser (there were no other volunteers, in fact) – and within the blink of an eye, Tim opted to make the trip with David. Thelma and Louise were created! Then Sian (married to Tim and senior partner in MDM Creative, a design/promotion company) got the job of – yes – the designer and promotion person. Somehow in all that, Liz Coleman (photographer – was roped in to provide photos. I don’t think we asked her, but she said yes anyway.

The response was overwhelming – friends stepped forward to help, all using their own particular skills and resources. We have people knitting, sewing, collecting, scouring Charity Shops – Margaret keeps us on track in terms of what is needed over there – no point in taking a car load of things they don’t need.

The Santa Clara dogs need our help

IMG-20130704-WA0007_640PX SC-02-by-Kerri_640PX SC-terriers_640PX


4 thoughts on “The Idea

  1. You are doing a great job, This trip that David and Tim are planning sounds great. As you know i have recently returned from visiting the Santa Clara Dog Rescue after my daughter did a sponsered dog walk to raise money for them. The trip was a real eye opener and something i will never forget. The work that Margaret and the other volunters do is amazing, for the little equipment and facilities they have, the place is very clean and cared for espically as they do all this in there own spare time. I couldnt get other how loving and loyal the dogs were after all they have been through, the trust they have in people is incrediable. Every penny raised for this charity is worth it as the love you get back from these dogs, is priceless.

  2. Thank you, Kerri. Your daughter’s sponsor event is going up on the site very soon – and we are so grateful for your interest and support. Sian and I, on a lighter note, wish to point out that David and Tim have done NO planning at all so far – the work has all been done by Sian and me and other worthy team members. However, we intend to change that – and they will do their bit in October. We agree with all you say – the work at Santa Clara is incredible. But also, the fundraising done by your daughter Molly is also pretty wonderful. Thank you. Victoria and Sian.

  3. HA Ha typical men !! dont worry they will have there fair share of work to do when they get out there !!

  4. Would dearly love to help, please let me know when you are going again. And im sure I can find somethings for you to take. Best wishes lorraine

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